Growing Methods

Here at Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm we strive to grow the most delicious strawberries. We believe that can be acheived using hard work and combined years of farming knowledge passed down to us from generations before.

First and foremost, we are not a certified organic farm, though we implement many organic growing practices.


We do use liquid plant food, which we pump through our drip line irrigation system that is sent directly to the roots and not topically. We use a 20/20/20, also known as “Triple 20”, based plant food.


We have released 5,000 lady bugs that worked as a natural pesticide that was able to control a small spider mite problems in the past. However if conditions warrant, we will use liquid pesticides sparingly to maintain the integrity of the field.


We don’t use any type of herbicides on our fields. The strawberries are grown on raised plastic covered beds which helps control the weed population.