We accept cash and credit/debit cards. NO CHECKS PLEASE


🍓Picking Bucket (required) $4

🍓1/2 PINT Jam $8

🍓1 PINT JAM $15

🍓Strawberry Hanging Baskets $18

Picking buckets will be sold for $4 a bucket and, on following visits, you can bring your bucket back to the farm again and again at no charge other than the berries you pick. We do require you use only Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm buckets; no outside buckets allowed, please.

The berries will be sold by the pound at $8/lb. You will bring your picked berries in your bucket to the check out stand where the pre measured weight of the bucket will be subtracted from the total weight of the strawberries.

There is no minimum or maximum when picking the berries, we will allow picking as long as the field allows.

Entrance: Free

Parking: Free

Bucket (Required to pick strawberries, and reusable): $4 each bucket

Strawberries: $8 per pound