What’s the plan?

YES WE WILL OPEN this spring 2020 (tentatively first part of April) but will be doing things a little different.

In order to be in compliance with both state and national regulations and recommendations, we have planned to implement the following:

🍓 Temporarily suspending U-Pick

🍓Berries will be sold pre picked

🍓Mobile/Drive Through Purchasing

This process is subject to change, but at this time we feel this is the best way to protect both our customers and ourselves.

🍓Temporarily Suspending U-Pick🍓

We will only allow PCSF staff to be picking the berries at this time. All staff will be supervised and monitored by our very own co-owner, who is a Registered Nurse to ensure proper hygiene and sanitary practices. The berries will be picked in the field, directly into plastic clam shells, and then sold directly to our consumer to reduce the amount of handling and exposure.

🍓Berries will be sold pre-picked🍓

All berries at this time will be pre-picked and sold in 1 lb. plastic clam shells. Berries will be sold for $5/lb with it still being a first come, first serve basis. Berries will not be limited nor guaranteed. We will still utilize our forms of communication (Facebook, Instagram, and Phone 940-305-4325) to update our customers on availability for that day.



or until sell out, whichever comes first

🍓Mobile/Drive Through Purchasing🍓

We will have a retail table set up where customers can drive up, state how many pounds of berries they would like, and check out without ever having to exit their vehicle, therefore limiting exposure. We do STRONGLY ENCOURAGE the use of debit cards if possible to limit exposure but cash will still be accepted.


Our main goal is to provide the best strawberries in North Texas and while still keeping everyone safe. We know this is not ideal for everyone, but WITH YOUR SUPPORT we can remain open during these uncertain times and stay in business for YEARS TO COME.